Seasons of Love

A P4P MXTX Calendar Project centered around the love between the three main couples - BingQiu, WangXian, & HuaLian - throughout the four seasons of life.


{ digital release }


January 1 - 7Interest Check
January 18Applications Open
February 28Applications Close
March 6Results Sent
March 13Acceptance Deadline
March 27Pitches Due
April 17First Check-In (25%)
May 15Second Check-In (50%)
June 12Third Check-In (75%)
July 10Final Submissions (100%)
AugustFormatting/Sample Prod.
SeptemberPreorder Interest Check
October 10 - 12Preorders
December 3Leftover Sale
December 31Project Concluded

*Subject to change

meet the mods

Mod Kim

role: organization, finance, production, shipping, socialsblurb: hi there! i'm kim and i have a rather unhealthy obsession with pretty things. i've been thinking about this project for almost a full year, so i'm really excited to see it take off!experience: organization/management for PeonyPinsCo, organization/production for SV Cookbook + Bingpupbox

mod keke

role: graphics/formattingblurb: hello everyone, i'm ke! i fell into the danmei spiral around 2019 after watching The Untamed. in my free time i love to read manhua and draw!experience: organization, management, merch and content creation for Teataekl


role: art, cultural consultantblurb: i love to karaoke to Wujiexperience: not much experience but I love and grew up around Chinese culture!

artist lineup


  • Submit a publicly viewable portfolio with 3-10 complete pieces that best represent your art style. Do not include sketches or WIPs in the portfolio.

  • At least 2 pieces must be fully rendered with full backgrounds. (Solid/gradient colors and/or simple graphics do NOT qualify as full backgrounds.)

  • At least 1 of your portfolio pieces must feature a MXTX Main Couple, because we are looking for how you stylize and portray them.

  • Your application will be judged blind, with a focus on your overall ability and understanding of perspective, anatomy, composition, lighting, and color theory.

  • All samples in the portfolio must be SFW. Applications containing NSFW will be disregarded.

  • Portfolios must be accessible to the mods. Please make sure you submit working URLs that are publicly viewable. We will not be chasing down applicants with invalid or private links.


  • Will this project be for profit? / How will contributors be compensated for their work?

  • This project will be P4P (pay for production). Customers will be paying for the cost of production, packing supplies, and shipping cost. Based on the interest check results, the cost for covering contributor and moderator bundles will be included into the P4P cost. We hope everyone can understand that this project would not be possible without our artists and mods, who are a vital part of actually producing the calendar.

  • What year is this calendar for?

  • This project is for a 2023 calendar. The plan is to have the physical calendars shipped in late 2022, so that they will be ready to be used as soon as the new year starts!

  • How many contributors will be on this project?

  • We are looking for 13 artists in total, 1 for each month, and 1 for the cover. The cover artist should have some experience in graphic design.

  • What are the contributor expectations?

  • Artists will be expected to create an original illustration featuring a MXTX couple in a seasonal setting during the Creation Period (March - July). Detailed rules and guidelines will be available in the Discord server upon acceptance.

  • Where are you shipping from?

  • Shipping will be from USA.

  • Would other formats of this calendar be considered (print-out, desk calendar, etc)?

  • At the moment, we do not have plans for another physical format of the calendar, but we will release digital files for free and personal use upon conclusion of the project!

  • Will other characters be featured in the calendar?

  • Although we love side characters and ships as much as you, this project will only feature the three main couples (BingQiu, WangXian, HuaLian).

  • Will there be any merchandise to accompany the calendar?

  • Currently, we do not have plans for merchandise.

  • If I miss preorders, will there be a chance to snag a calendar in leftovers?

  • After production and preorder fulfillment, we will sell any leftover calendars.

  • Will the calendar be reprinted for future years?

  • No, this will only be for the calendar year of 2023.

  • Are Group Orders available for non-USA countries to save on shipping costs?

  • Certainly! When preorder period rolls around, any Group Order Managers may contact us to arrange a GO for their respective country.

  • Who are the mods for this project?

  • The mods are Kim, Keke, Gege, and Ivy! Feel free to read more about us here.

  • Have more questions?

  • Feel free to DM us on Twitter or send us an email at [email protected]!